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Director/Producer Justine Jacob

Justine Jacob

Justine Jacob is a filmmaker and entertainment law attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. She produced and co-directed "Runners High", (2006). She participated in the Sundance Producers Conference, served two years as President of Bay Area Women in Film and Media, and is currently on the board of Lunafest.

Director/Cinematographer Alex D. da Silva

Alex D. da Silva

Alex D. da Silva has been working in the film industry since 1989. After receiving his Masters Degree in Film in São Paulo, Brazil, he worked as a Producer, Cinematographer and Director in commercials and non-commercial projects shot in the U.S. and Latin America. He produced and directed the award winning short film O Cantor de Samba and co-directed and shot "Runners High", (2006).

Executive Producer Oren Jacob

Oren Jacob
Executive Producer

Oren Jacob, Executive Producer of the documentary Runners High (2006), has been working in film for 18 years. He is currently the Director of the Studio Tools group at Pixar Animation Studios, where he is also a Chief Technical Officer. He was Supervising Technical Director of Finding Nemo (2003), as well as Effects Lead on Toy Story 2 (1999), and Technical Director on A Bug's Life (1998), and Toy Story (1995).


Garret Savage

Garret Savage's work spans a variety of formats including documentaries, fiction features, film trailers, short films and television commercials. His documentary editing credits include My Perestroika (Sundance 2010), Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern's End of America, and an episode of the forthcoming HBO documentary series My American Dream. Other editing credits include the fiction feature Olympia (Slamdance, Sundance Channel) as well as projects for a variety of networks and studios including Paramount Pictures, ABC/ESPN, Discovery, WE, MTV, and the Style Network. He has directed and edited numerous award-winning shorts and in 2005 he was profiled as one of The Independent magazine's "Top Short Filmmakers." His rural documentary, 4-Cylinder 400, continues to be broadcast on the Independent Film Channel. As an educator, he was the Program Director of the Nantucket Film Festival's Teen View Film Lab and a mentor with the Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Program in Brooklyn.

Editor Andrew Gersh

Andrew Gersh

Andrew Gersh is a documentary film and video editor based in Berkeley, California. His work has appeared on PBS (including NOVA and FRONTLINE), ABC, MSNBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, the BBC and Channel 4, UK and in film festivals worldwide. Other feature documentaries include Rumi: Poet of the Heart (1998), Taking Guns from Boys (2006) and Ask Not (2008).

Animator Jim Capobianco

Jim Capobioanco

Jim Capobianco received the 2008 Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay for Ratatouille. He also wrote and directed Pixar's short film, Your Friend The Rat, found on the Ratatouille DVD. Having started in the story department at Walt Disney feature animation, Jim's credits include: The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Fantasia Continued. He then moved up to the bay area to work at Pixar Animation Studios where his credits include A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and directed the critically acclaimed end titles for Wall•E. Most recently Jim finished his own independent short, Leonardo. Which has been acquired by New York's Museum of Modern Art's permanent film collection. In 2009, Jim started his own company, Aerial Contrivance Workshop.

Composer Marco d'Ambrosio

Marco d'Ambrosio

Marco d'Ambrosio is a composer, producer, trumpet player, multi-instrumentalist and all-around noise wrangler. He has scored numerous award winning films, documentaries and theatre projects including the anime hit Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Haiku Tunnel (Sundance 2001), the Emmy winning documentary Blink, Double Dare for PBS and Red Diaper Baby for the Sundance Channel. Other scores of Marco's have been on projects released by 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Classics, Lucasfilm Ltd., PDI/Dreamworks, Pixar, and Columbia TriStar. You can hear one of his latest scores in The Rape of Europa, airing on PBS nationwide and for which he just received an Insight Award for Excellence from the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists. Marco is also responsible for creating much of the dynamic sound and music heard in the acclaimed Lucasfilm THX trailers. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious film scoring fellowship from the Sundance Institute, and in 2009 he was selected for the BMI Conducting Workshop in Hollywood. In addition to Ready, Set, Bag!, Marco recently co-scored the documentary feature We Live In Public which was awarded the Grand Jury prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. His latest project is the score to the 1921 film, The Mechanical Man, which will be performed live by almost 200 kids in 2010.

Sound Designer James LeBrecht

James LeBrecht
Sound Designer

Award-winning sound designer James LeBrecht has mixed or sound designed for feature film and documentary projects that include The Blood of Yingzhou District, Daughter from Danang, White Light/Black Rain, The Cockettes, The Rape of Europa, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Battlefield Earth and The Skulls. LeBrecht's work has reached into the exhibition and gaming world where he has designed sound for the E3 conventions in Los Angeles, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Electronic Arts, MAXIS, TECMO and Midway Studios-Austin. He is the founder of Berkeley Sound Artists, a complete audio post production house. LeBrecht has designed and produced sound effects and music for over 100 professional theatrical productions and co-authored the book "Sound and Music for the Theatre: The Art and Technique of Design" with Deena Kaye.

Brian Bay Utah State Champion

Brian Bay
Utah State Champion

Last year, Brian failed to place at nationals when he missed a pack of lifesavers that had rolled up against the side of the checkout stand. This year, he returned to beat out 38 competitors and became Utah's reigning State Champion. After a year of practicing and more determined than ever, he, his wife and cheering squad can't wait to return to Vegas for his chance at redemption.

Alabama State Champion Roger Chen

Roger Chen
Alabama State Champion

Roger is very clear about why he's participating in the contest — for the money. Describing himself as the "typical American," he is a 25-year-old Chinese immigrant born in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been in the US for two years studying computer science and needs money to pay for his education. His lively and dedicated coach, Publix store manager Joe Yaeczitis, has found what he believes is the contestant who will finally bring Alabama its first national title.

Ohio State Champion Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton
Ohio State Champion

"Ryan Hamilton IS Ohio," as his friends describe. The consummate overachiever, Ryan grew up and was home-schooled on a farm in Mt. Vernon, OH. He's the winner of numerous 4H awards, a college swimmer, volunteer for an inner city afterschool program, and studying to become a vet. But what really matters to him is family.

California State Champion James Hunter

James Hunter
California State Champion

Competing in the "Thunderdome of bagging competitions," the driven, highly competitive James had to drown out 400 screaming, dressed up, face-painted bagging fans to emerge the California State Champion. He's a rugby star at school and off to college this year. Both a team player and a solo dynamo, he feels fully confident to compete against the best of the best in Vegas

Virginia State Champion

Jacob Richardson
Virginia State Champion

At 17, Jacob is the youngest state champion in the competition this year. He's outgoing, sweet-natured, and can't stop talking. But, he wasn't always this way. Once an overweight and solitary videogamer, getting a job at Food City helped him break out of his shell, make great friends and lose weight. Now when he's not working, he's at the store hanging out with his friends or talking with them on MySpace. His very supportive dad and sister have dreams Jacob will win in Vegas, but he says he knows he's "already a winner."

Minnesota State Champion John Sandell

With a goal to make it to the national competition the year he turned 50, 49-year-old Jon won the state competition. Tough on the outside but with a generous heart, he represents Chris' Food Center, a family-owned store run by a previous best bagger champ and proud displayer of numerous State Bagger Champion trophies. Sandell wants the top prize and brings along his "Harem," three female coworkers who knew that Sandell was their ticket to Vegas.

Pennsylvania State Champion Kim Weaver

Kim Weaver
Pennsylvania State Champion

Forty-eight year old Kim is grounded, works with her teenage kids at the same store and loves to play pinochle. Once a month she gets together with the Flamingals — a hilarious group of eight women from the store (aged 45-80) to eat, play cards, have sleepovers and drink. Surrounded by flamingo paraphernalia, they give Kim a special Vegas sendoff she'll never forget.

Iowa State Champion Brenda Wygle

Brenda Wygle
Iowa State Champion

It took Brenda ten years of competition to finally become the Iowa State Champion. Her daughter, 17, who works with her at the store and has stuck by her side through it all, has no doubt her mom can win at the national level. Often taking Harley rides with her husband and son, Brenda is proudly the first woman to represent Fareway Stores over the 20 years of competitions.